Revelation of the Shiva-Shakti Secrets of Kailash and Machu Picchu


Last month, during our recent pilgrimage to Machu Picchu with Mohanji (April 2019), a profound truth revealed itself to me from within, I was left in breathless awe by its greatness, depth and beauty. I dedicate this blog to that revelation, celebrating our shared humanity, our shared divinity in humanity, and our sacred connection with Mother Nature.

Ustrasana at Sun Gate
The Yoga of expanded heart – Image taken by our guide Mallku soon after this realization – at the Sun Gate, on 15 April 2019

Thanks to this wonderful spiritual platform created through Mohanji, over the course of this year I am blessed to visit four amazing places of power on Earth: Machu Picchu, sacred red rocks and vortexes of Sedona, the Bosnian pyramids and the Crown of Mother Earth – the mighty Kailash in Tibet. I am halfway through that journey as I write this blog. My intention is to share the most important insights and blessings from these locations, inviting you to benefit from them as you join me on these journeys in spirit, or possibly in person.

For those of you who don’t know me – after years of sincere spiritual seeking, I was blessed to meet Mohanji in 2007. Seeking instantly matured into a deep and richly experiential spirituality – in line with the principles of the ancient Sanatana Dharma and the spiritual heritage of the ancient Datta and Nath sages who gave us the true knowledge of Yoga. Mohanji named our spiritual path with words beyond barriers: “The Path of Pathlessness.” On this path there is no distance between the path and destination. Moreover, there are no strict outer rules or predetermined dogmatic views that apply to this path, aside from non-violence. However, even non-violence is not imposed. It happens naturally from within as one walks the path from gross to subtle, from ignorance to bliss. On this path, Divine is not reserved to Heaven which is somewhere up there, distant from us. All the answers are to be found within, as Divine resides within, shrouded with the prison of mind’s concepts, fears, prejudices, expectations, desires and disappointments. Once one truly recognizes that all that we are seeking for is within and that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, we start assuming responsibility for both, the outer and inner world, creating a new reality through conscious living rooted in unconditional love, purity, faith and surrender.

Ritual at the lake

On the pathless path, one has a deep respect  towards the divine feminine. All beings of Mother Earth and Nature as a living, vibrating manifestation of Divine Love, are embraced with the expanded heart. I therefore resonate strongly with the teachings of all the indigenous people who have been shamelessly put down by the Western civilization, which imposed itself as superior. Centuries of this irony are now coming to an end. Time has come for us to honor and revive OUR sacred traditions, to recognize the Love and Oneness in their essence, and to simply connect the dots between all sacred traditions and teachings that lead us to the same top of the mountain within. Time has come for the sacred feminine to shine in its full glory, for the Shakti of humanity to assume her rightful place in the embrace of Shiva. This is my passion, which arose like a phoenix bird from the ashes of the horrid wars in Former Yugoslavia, boldly exclaiming my raison d’etre – to serve and celebrate the true Unity.

M and Devi, a gentle moment

Similarity between Kailash and Machu Picchu

The focus of this blog will be on the sacred connection and a unique similarity between two out of four of the above-mentioned locations: Kailash (the abode of Shiva) and Machu Picchu (the abode of Shakti – on planetary level). It is my great privilege to share this deep insight with you.

I would like to start with one important similarity between Kailash and Machu Picchu that I realized – the unique combination of Mother Nature’s majestic beauty displayed through amazing mountains and valleys and certain modifications/additions that only spiritually highly evolved beings could have made to tweak their shape in a manner that would endow these locations with truly profound, multi-dimensional meaning and purpose. They thus became the true places of power, with an amazing energy effect which is downright transformative, supporting the inner alchemy and alignment that sparks one’s Kundalini activation, and consequential spiritual awakening.

..The Old Bird

Because Machu Picchu is a Shakti power place, this process is very gentle – it is enough to be there with deep reverence, meditate, contemplate and enjoy the beauty, and the Mother’s embrace and blessing is guaranteed. At Kailash however, the process is much more arduous, drastic and intense. Like popcorn in the oven, the painful inner impressions (samskaras) start popping out as one progresses through the yatra in the high vibration of Kailash, supported by the agony of high altitude sickness (which is guaranteed 🙂 ) and the challenging, long trekking. Those who approach the process as an ego-based fitness challenge will never make it. Only through surrender, humility and gratitude can one complete the yatra. And the person at the beginning and the end of that journey won’t be the same… (more about my experience of Kailash yatra in 2014 can be read here )

The moment of Revelation 

This special moment happened on our way to the Sun Gate (or Inti Punku, at 2745m), the location where I had my most memorable experience of golden spiral on top of crown chakra during our first pilgrimage to Machu Picchu in April 2018 (as described here). I couldn’t wait to get there again and this time, to my great joy, the majority of our group joined me. Mohanji occasionally stopped at certain locations where he felt special energies.

During the one hour climb to the Sun Gate on 15 April 2019, it was wonderful listening to many stories that our lovely guide Mallku shared. His love for the genuine history of his Inkan ancestors is very deep and sincere, shared through several books that he wrote and his many tours. At one point we stopped at the location where the view of the entire Machu Picchu complex was fantastic. While looking at the shape of the magnificent Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu apus (mountain, or more specifically, the spirit of the mountain), Mallku shared with me the amazing images displayed on the front and back cover of his book “The Crystal City of Machu Pijchu”, helping me to identify those shapes on the spectacular mountains in front of us.

MP and Mallku, face

It was magical to behold that unimaginable beauty of creation right before our very eyes! From our last year’s exploration of this majestic power place, I was aware of some of the stunning symbolism of Machu Picchu – like the shape of a crouching puma on Wayna Picchu and Kondor with its big wings next to it.


However, this time, Mallku helped me recognize that the entire Machu Picchu can be seen as a huge Andean profile – a wise Inka man lying down on his back, gazing at the Heaven.

Back cover

And this was only the beginning. He then flipped the book to its front cover and pointed out to another profile, facing the opposite direction. It was clearly a female Andean profile, with earrings and long hair. The male profile now disappears into her body with a round belly (possibly signifying pregnancy) and arms in a beautiful self-embrace of the heart (most likely the message of importance of loving oneself) clearly visible. I was in awe!

Front cover

While Mallku presented these two profiles as two separate images that one sees from different angles, I immediately saw them as one glorious representation of Shiva-Shakti union, right there before our very eyes! In fact, the male and female profile representations share the same chin, while what one could say is the key spiritual point of Machu Picchu – the Sun Temple (in the shape of a ziggurat pyramid), is the ‘right eye’ of the feminine aspect.

At that moment I literally lost my breath due to a grand synchronicity that dawned upon me: I have seen this before, during our pilgrimage to Kailash. This realization also happened during our 2nd pilgrimage to this most sacred power center (during Kailash with Mohanji yatra in 2016). Moreover, it was also largely supported by the imagery from a powerful book – “In Search of the City of Gods: in the Areas of Shamballa” by Dr. Ernst Muldashev from Russia (I read the version in Serbian language, I am not sure whether it’s available in English…)


I was able to learn about the most powerful aspect of Kailash – the “Small Kailash”, which is the Shakti/feminine aspect of Kailash. Nobody ever spoke about it before (at least not to my knowledge). Again, the Shakti part of Kailash is smaller than the actual/male Kailash, but containing within itself the greatest power.

South Face of Kailash
South face of Kailash (Small Kailash visible on the left, covered with the snow-clad white dome). (Image sourced from the net – The Land of Snows 2014)

In his book Dr. Muldashev describes all about the most powerful secret of “Small Kailash”, the mighty Shantamani stone, which can affect/control the minds of human beings and has a direct impact on our Kundalini as we come nearer to it. That is why the ‘Small Kailash’ is completely inaccessible from all sides, divinely protected.

Muldashev, small Kailash
Dr. Muldashev’s depiction of the South face of Kailash, from the distance

It is important to note that in ancient India, the Shakti has always been depicted as his beloved Parvati, slightly smaller than him, humble and devoted, with immense power stemming out of her purity, beauty and devotion.

Shiva and Parvati, image sourced from the net (Story of Shiva Parvathi Kalyanam)

Without Shakti, one cannot realize Shiva. Even the very promise of Divine within us, the primordial cosmic energy Kundalini, is depicted as a feminine force. Starting its ascent from the triangular base (Kula Kunda – the triangular hollow of the sacrum bone) at the root of the spine, Kundalini Shakti has to pass through all the blockages on the way, igniting all the seven major energy vortexes/chakras along the central meridian, in order to join Shiva at the Crown.. That is why Shiva is symbolically depicted as the handsome, muscled man seated in utter stillness at the top of the snow-clad Kailash..

Rising of Kundalini, image sourced from the net (

Furthermore, in his book Dr. Muldashev described how the highly evolved beings who created ‘the City of Gods” in Kailash (as per his scientific estimations, that happened way back at the time of Lemuria, 850,000 years ago…) added an additional layer of protection – the powerful laser mountains

Laser mountains and the Giant Mirror of Time in the middle – I was so excited when I recognized these mountains from depictions in Dr. Muldashev’s book. Photo taken during Kailash with Mohanji yatra in 2016

from which, if need be, the laser beams would be directed towards the Small Kailash to ensure that dark forces in any shape or form could never reach this most sacred location and manipulate human minds.

Dr. Muldashev’s depiction of the gigantic stone lasers pointing towards small Kailash and the door to Shamballa – the way in which the ancients protected the most sacred /feminine part of Kailash..

The closer one gets to ‘Small Kailash’, the more his/her Kundalini starts to respond. Pure hearted pilgrims who offer sincere prayers of gratitude and emit vibrations of genuine devotion get the most from Kailash. Those who have not purified themselves sufficiently to be able to withstand the effect of cleansing and arrogantly try to come closer to Kailash, are most likely to die due to sudden activation of Kundalini, as their nerve endings get burnt.

During our Inner Kora of Kailash in 2016, we were not able to visit the powerful Saptarishi Cave (the closest one gets to Small Kailash during Inner Kora) because a group of approx. thirty Chinese soldiers went there and all of them died (for the obvious reasons…). That is why Chinese government issued a ban forbidding all the Inner Kora pilgrims to go there. Nevertheless, our group successfully completed first two days of the yatra, while the groups one day before and one day after us could not due to bad weather. That was probably all that our body could handle and it was already so profound and so tough to go through, that we couldn’t imagine another day of such arduous, indescribably tough climb. At Kailash, one can see and experience only that what is given/karmically deserved, nothing more and nothing less. Going to Kailash with one’s Guru is the greatest blessing, as the otherwise impossible becomes possible and many obstacles get removed. We have witnessed that during all our Kailash with Mohanji yatras and other pilgrimage trips thus far (many profound experiences and insights, including my humble contribution, can be found in the Inner Kora journey, which I highly recommend. It can be ordered online here)

Going back to the actual experience at Machu Picchu – by the time the depth of this discovery on the way to Sun Gate sank in, I reached the majestic womb-shaped opening of most amazing view (Machu Picchu, Wayna Picchu and the stunning Putukusi mountain, the gateway to the Sacred City’s inner world) all displayed in their full majesty before my very eyes at the Sun Gate.

The majestic moment when Mother’s womb opens up in full blessing at the Sun Gate, 15 April 2019

For a while, I just sat there and cried, offering my tears of gratitude to the grand womb of Shakti before me, for this most beautiful Shakti location on Planet Earth blessed me to perceive yet another dimension of its profound message – the importance of alignment of Shiva-Shakti (what the Chinese termed the balance of Yin and Yang), the ancient alchemy of perfect merging of divine masculine and divine feminine aspect within,

Ardha Nareeswara – half Shiva and half Parvati (image sourced from Pinterest)

– in order to reach the completion of human potential, the pinnacle of spiritual experience, the actual “top of the mountain” where consciousness expands in 360 degrees and the blessed ones undergo the experience of enlightenment and beyond – dissolution…

While beholding this majesty, I observed how both, at Machu Picchu and Kailash, Shakti/feminine aspect is smaller, located on the left side, bestowed with the highest of power (Shantamani stone; Sun Temple) and so beautifully and elegantly merging with the male aspect.

At some point the awe overtook the mind and I felt a very strong pull to close my eyes and flow with the energy of this blessed location. Before I even started to search for a spot where I could sit and meditate without being disturbed, as if reading my mind, Mallku pointed out to one location where there was some shade protecting me from the scorching sun. “We kept it for you”, he said with a smile. Already ‘drunk’ with blissful energy, I happily sat there, removed my hat and disappeared for an hour or so.

The golden spiral that I felt on top of my head at the Sun Gate last year was felt even more strongly this time (as if someone physically applied pressure on top of my head).

Surrendering to the golden spiral at the Sun Gate, 15 April 2019

How could I ever express my gratitude on all these blessings. Perhaps I can begin in this way, by sacrificing a night of sleep in order to write a blog… 🙂

May all of us be blessed with the inner alchemy of the ultimate Shiva-Shakti union.

Om Shiva Shaktiye Namaha!


With love and gratitude,

Devi Mohan

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