Machu Picchu Pilgrimage with Mohanji 2018 – Inner Fullness in the lap of the Mother

group pic

Unfulfilled desires are one of the most prominent aspects/dimensions of karma. While choosing to live consciously and directing our inner compass towards complete Liberation, we have to be aware of the desires that bind us to the earthly existence, even if they are of a spiritual nature. The ultimate aim on our path is to feel/realize the inner fullness, the genuine feeling of “Having everything and needing nothing.” Inspired by Mohanji’s teachings, I always enjoy sharing my deep inner experiences with a purpose of helping other souls on the path of spiritual awakening to:

a) identify/become aware of an unfulfilled desire as an unavoidable item on the soul’s shopping list in this lifetime, and then do whatever is possible to fulfill it graciously in the spirit of ahimsa and purity (the wisest option: place a clear intention to fulfill the specific noble desire and surrender it to your Guru, make it his job to make it happen 🙂 ), or to

b) transcend it (by reading sincere experience sharing of other people, we indeed can achieve that by feeling the oneness with the writer, feeling the invisible connection at the soul level)

And thus with my intention explained above, I would like to share with you a couple of my recent desires and how the Grace of Guru Tatwa (the Guru Principle within) placed all the pieces of the puzzle together in such a way that these desires can get fulfilled in the least expected ways. With a living Master in one’s life, the doors and windows to such Grace are ever accessible and open…

mohanji and devi at mp
With a living Master in one’s life, the doors and windows to such Grace are ever accessible and open…

This blog is dedicated to the celestial Machu Picchu, the jewel of the Incan Empire, a place like no other. At this powerful Shakti (Divine Mother) place, one gets to experience the bliss of a child in the womb of our Mother Divine….

Last April 2018 a merry group of people including myself traveled to Machu Picchu for an unforgettable pilgrimage with Mohanji. While the experience was really beyond wonderful, I felt that deep inside something remained unfulfilled. Five days were simply not enough. Considering how much was there to explore, absorb and feel, we were way too rushed through the entire experience. I honestly felt that we barely scratched the surface of what this most powerful Shakti centre on planet, filled with unimaginable depth of history, has to offer.

with ana divac
Devi with a dear friend Ana Divac – constant laughter, lightness and inner joy marked this pilgrimage

One of my desires was to explore the secrets of Machu Picchu more deeply. The very next day the most powerful experience that I had during Machu Picchu Pilgrimage with Mohanji 2018 took place. A couple of us from the group climbed for an hour or so to the Sun Gate of the ancient Incas. In comparison with our Kailash yatra, this was nowhere as challenging – the altitude sickness was not so severe here and weather was really perfect.

However, a considerable amount of sweating and puffing was required to reach the Sun Gate. Absorbed in mantra chanting, I remember the moment when I finally reached this indescribably beautiful location. One look at it takes one’s breath away as the mouth open into a prolonged utterance of “woooow”!

sun gate

One literally feels as if in Heaven – it’s not just the beauty of the landscape but the energy of the place. I felt embraced by the clouds, expanding in the womb-like shape of the vast heavenly space below. Answering the natural call to meditate, an hour or so elapsed while I was inhaling and exhaling the most loving Motherly energy. At some point, a blissful sensation of the golden spiral rising from the top of the head started to absorb my entire being, making me feel that a part of me is moving upward while another part of me is expanding in the womb-like space below.. (that’s the closest I can come to describing that experience using words). All I could offer was the most sincere Pranaams to the great Incas who blessed humanity with such a heritage.

devi , namaste at the sun gate

What stayed with me during this trip as well were the love, ease, warmth and simplicity of the Quechuan people, descendants of the great Incas. Their wonderful Shaman taught us a lot about their ancient connection with Pachamama (Mother Nature and Time perceived as divine) and how She responds when we treat her with sincere love. The wind, the sound of water, the smell of grass, everything was heightened during the ceremony. Animals (dogs, birds) kept coming and we indeed could feel a true intimacy with Mother Nature.  Mohanji was silently participating in the whole process, holding off the rain clouds through his higher chakras. The very moment our sacred ceremony was over, the rain started. 🙂 Pachamama accepted out offerings of love.. It was so beautiful to witness this divine play (leela)…

pachamama ceremony

Our lovely guide Martin from the wonderful tour agency Tucano Peru was a true embodiment of cuteness. He made us laugh endlessly and allowed us to truly feel the spirit of his people. We were in complete awe of all that we kept experiencing and the laughter, for one reason or the other (but mainly no reason known to mind) was continuous. 🙂

Guide Martin.jpg

We also got to see first-hand how the beautiful colors and superb cotton and wool creations are made by the sweet Quechuans.

m and devi in colors, mp

They entertained us indescribably by their jolly spirit, colorful creations and super cute accent of the chirpy Quechuan girl explaining the organic coloring process. One moment I will never forget was the demonstration of how they create all those intense colors from nature; how they crush and mix some plants into a sticky liquid, immerse the wool into it and color it instantly. Our lovely George Obengduro, with his cute spiky hairstyle, was seated very near to the lady who was demonstrating this process. When Mohanji joked that George could get up and have them dip the top of his spikes into that concoction, that was it – we just couldn’t stop laughing! The moment a thought of his spikes with white ‘snow peaks’ on top would come, I would laugh.

colors of peru
As if on some kind of a drug, very little was needed to start laughing there – indescribable lightness and joy was felt within all the time.

Another memory comes to mind instantly – the amazing Willka T’ika resort! I must say that, in my whole life of travel, I have never experienced a hotel like this. In my opinion, this should be rated as a 7-star hotel at least! It is built in complete harmony with nature, with a superb sense for beauty, history and balance. Run by a loving local family, who served us superbly delicious home-made vegan food and guided us through their chakra garden (each part of the garden had the topic of a chakra – e.g. Swadishtana chakra garden had yellow flowers and a small fountain, etc.) we had the best time ever!

wilka tikka family

Mohanji and I happened to get the room in the Crown chakra part. Inside this incredibly beautiful room there was a huge stone coming out of the floor. While building the hotel, they built it around the stone, which definitely has some energy in it. I have never, ever seen anything like this before.

room in wilka ticca

I was really sad to hear that their hotel was not rated highly on Trip Advisor etc. This is my humble contribution in adding to the highest rating to this beautiful family and their loving hotel (please do a small service – go to and give them a good rating, please 🙂 ).

our group at wilka tikka, holding the peace pledge
Our merry group at the Willka T’ika hotel, enjoying the chakra gardens and symbolically holding the Peace Pledge

While walking through the city of Cusco, Mohanji pointed out to us that, when the mind is sufficiently calm one can clearly feel the beautiful underground waters all over the place. The effect of that, plus the overall energy of the place, is so soothing that even though there were quite many stray dogs around, none of them were barking. A true Ahimsa! After he pointed that out, all of us realized how true this is –the flowing water effect was indeed palpable, with the soothing energy causing calmness and inner joy.

with lamas

There is so much more I could say about our Machu Picchu experience 2018, but I would now like to focus on today’s experience, the one that prompted me to write this blog in the first place.

Here is the intro into the experience: Two months ago, while in St. Ana, Slovenia (our new home) I was surfing online and came across the Facebook page of a locally known bio-energy expert healer, lecturer and writer, Marjan Ogorevc. I never heard of him and found it interesting to explore what Slovenia’s spiritual scene has to offer. After a couple of random clicks on his page, I came across this photo:

marjan ogorevc
Image sourced from the FB page of Marjan Ogorevc

After several seconds of looking at this photo, my Kundalini suddenly started to move. I was in bliss! I went into meditation, flowing through the experience, and for a split second in my inner vision I saw an image of a worm hole – as if a part of me remembered that I had traveled through it before. It was amazing! I instantly knew this sacred place is a mighty portal.

Image sourced from:

Mohanji explained to me before that, if our Kundalini spontaneously reacts to something, that’s a clear sign that this is something important for us, something we should look into.

Gate of Gods - aramumuru.jpg

When I researched more about this sacred site, I came to know it is called the “Gate of Gods” at Hayu Marca. In the process of online search, I found this amazing link with a text really worth reading (explaining all about this portal, experiences people had there and even the origin of the word “America”):

In view of all this, it is clear that the term “Gate of Gods” is not an overstatement here. In that instant a strong desire to visit this place arose within me (blink! Another desire! 🙂 ). I immediately contacted our Peru trip organizing team and was happy to hear that this sacred place is near Lake Titicaca. Since we will be going there this year, it indeed is on the list for our 2019 pilgrimage. Yippie!

Suddenly, another image appeared in front of my inner eye – a flash back of a similar mystical stone gate before,  with an entrance closed from inside the rock. That happened during our Kailash yatra in 2016. Mount Kailash, which means “precious jewel of eternal snow”, is considered to be the crown chakra of Mother Earth, the abode of Shiva, the axis of the world and the stairway to heaven. Some ancient sources say this enigmatic Tibetan mountain is where the mysterious City of the Gods is located.

In his book “In the search for the City of Gods in the area of Shamballa”, a famous Russian spiritual scientist Dr. Ernst Muldashev describes this unique rock on the path of Kailash yatra as one of the portals to Shamballa. He said that it is big enough for the spaceships to pass through it and that it can be opened only by those who have received the special mantra/code from the immortal Masters of Shamballa. After the trek during the first day of Kailash yatra 2016, I was blessed to spot it in the midst of the altitude sickness and tiredness. I clicked this photo, zooming in on the ‘door’:

kailash, door to shamballa

When I compared my photo and the image from Dr. Muldashev’s book, I realized that I totally failed to notice another important part of this mighty portal to Shamballa – a huge concave ‘mirror’ on top.

concave mirror

In his book Dr. Muldashev explains how this ‘mirror’ is connected with the entire non-nature-made “City of Gods” at Kailash, which was clearly built by a highly advanced civilization during time of Lemuria. This goes to show just how much of our true history still remains unknown to us.

Now back to Slovenia and my Kundalini experience after seeing the “Gate of Gods” image from Hayu Marca near lake Titicaca –

A couple of days later, through a set of amazing synchronicities, I happened to meet this lovely man Marjan Ogorevc in the nearby city of Maribor. I briefly mentioned to him about our pilgrimages to Kailash and Machu Picchu. A beautiful chat ensued and I shared with him my Kundalini experience after seeing the above-mentioned photo of his at Hayu Marca. He then shared with me some of his experiences and directed me to see the video about David Icke, for whom Peru was the location where he had THE most transformative spiritual experience of his life. Here is a lovely video that I found online:

Now the best part – in that video, David mentioned a brilliant local tour guide Mallku, who is very spiritual and offers a deeper dimension to the entire experience, much more than the usual guides. I wished he could be our guide (there we go, another desire 🙂 ) and immediately started searching for him online. I  found his website and contacted our team to see if we could have him as our guide for the Machu Picchu Pilgrimage with Mohanji 2019.  We emailed him via his website, explaining that we are coming with a spiritual Master from India and are not the common tourists, but no reply. We contacted him via Facebook as well, but nothing got finalized as his team said that most likely he won’t be available.

Today I spoke with our Peru Trip organizing team and they said that the most amazing thing had happened – our tour organizers from Peru happened to arrange for a tour guide on their own, and it’s none else but Mallku himself!  Jai Mohanji! 🙂

What can I say – nothing like the Guru’s grace…  I so look forward to our Pilgrimage to Machu Picchu this year, especially because we now have 9 days (April 11 – 20) which includes the magical Lake Titicaca and the Gate of Gods as well – with such a guide, and in the presence of Mohanji, I don’t even want to entertain the mind’s expectations of what can happen.

The last window of opportunity to join us for this pilgrimage is 31 Jan 2019 – if you are in a position to travel at that time, I strongly encourage you not to miss this unique chance.

I would like to conclude this blog by stating that I strongly believe that both, Kailash and Machu Picchu, were locations selected by people of really high level of consciousness (most likely not from planet Earth) and that this is where the natural beauty/predisposition of the location was enhanced by their high technology in order to create a true power center that supports our spiritual awakening.

Here are some images and drawings from the book “Cusco and the sacred valley of the Incas”, recommended to me by our previous guide Martin, which is truly precious in getting “the big picture.”

I was deeply touched and inspired by this book and many of our deep experiences during this unforgettable pilgrimage. Here are some images from this book – prepare yourself to be amazed as something deep within you gets stirred… :


During the time of Inca expansion, as they continued to penetrate into the jungle along the unlikely trails, the path that is today called “Inca Trail” allowed them to discover “a magical place set in the midst of a grove of high mountains and surrounded by an enormous serpent (symbolized by the Vilcanota River). This site of natural representation of their socio-religious schema emerging from the Mother Earth impressed them greatly. Concretely we can say that the peaks now called Machupicchu and Waynapicchu represent a divine pair, a YANATIN, and facing them is PUTUCUSI, a solitary peak, separate from the complex, standing alone like an axis, and completing the schema of odd and even.” This is how this natural formation of two circles with ceremonial platforms built on the tops of the peaks within this complex is shown.


The mountain that is today called Waynapicchu, presents a form that seems like a gigantic puma with its back curved and in an attitude of attack and defense. On top of the mountain some narrow terraces were constructed by the Incas to represent raised hackles and these were used as productive agricultural areas and an altar for offerings and for the observation of the celestial vault.
Next to this mountain there is another natural formation which consists of three rocky prominences; the two at either side represent half-opened wings and the one in the center the head of the bird. Incas made small terraces to represent the ruffle on the condor’s neck. […]
“Incas believed that the forces that are beyond the Earth (sun, moon, stars) have limited powers. Where these external forces may be absorbed (or represented on Earth) is when they acquire power. Only then when the stars are connected with a particular peak of a mountain do they become incarnate and from there they control the destiny of man.” (a possible parallel to ‘praana pratishta’ from ancient India). 


A powerful symbol of the Incas – the mighty condor, directed towards eternity and the infinite.. “The Quechua words ‘Machu Picchu’ signify Old Bird, or the sovereign guardian spirit of peace among the mankind.”

The mighty Condor:


And here is an artist’s composition of the powerful lizard Amaru Tupac at Machu Picchu – believed to represent the oldest being on Earth..
“The basic fundament of Inca belief was a cosmic concept, a belief that the Nature and Time (Pachamama) was a completely alive generator of the vitality of all beings, animate and inanimate.”



With all our contemporary technology, I am positive that we are nowhere near the ability to create something even remotely close to this…

And finally, I end this blog with a short story of Machu Picchu:

machu picchu

More than five hundred years ago, a very brave man whose name was Pachakuthik rose as the governor of a rising confederation established in the heart of the southern Andes. With time, his skill and intelligence turned a small nation into an extensive and powerful empire that spread across five countries in South America.

During his long reign, this Inca transformed the Andean world and in its honor he built the greatest monuments of his time, among which we can find the one considered our greatest cultural patrimony nowadays: Machu Picchu.

Most archaeologists now believe that the famous Inca site of Machu Picchu was built as an estate for Pachakuthik. In Quechua language, Pachakuthik means “he who overturns space and time”.

Hidden behind the fog in the middle of a thick mountain forest, Machu Picchu is undoubtedly the peak of Peruvian civilization, one that, without any contact with the western world, managed to achieve high levels of technology and social order.

cafe with crop circles
A lovely Cafe on the way to Machu Picchu celebrates the mystery and beauty of the Crop Circles that we can find all over our beautiful planet, another proof that we simply can’t remain ignorant about the existence of civilizations far more advanced than ours…

If you can’t join us physically for the Machu Picchu with Mohanji Pilgrimage 2019, you are welcome to join us in spirit and open up to embrace a whole new vision of reality…

upavishta on mp

This blog is my humble offering in celebration of superb mysteries that surround us, higher Love and Peace within, and the higher purpose on our soul’s journey.

With love,

Devi Mohan

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