Gurupurnima 2018 – The Blessings Present and Past

On the day when we celebrate the very Guru principle, the Divine aspect of us that sheds purest light into the darkness of ignorance based on ego identity, I would like to share with you some moments when I experienced the Grace beyond mind’s imaginative capabilities, the Grace that transforms lives.

Engulfed by the light – during a Shirdi Sai Arati in Oman, 2010

We had a beautiful Gurupurnima celebration at the Datta Tapovan centre/yoga studio at my home in Novi Sad, Serbia today evening. 27 July 2018 Gurupurnima was also marked by lunar eclipse, a powerful initiation into the next gear in which our beautiful planet is birthing a new reality.

I felt incredibly happy to share the blessing of Shirdi Sai Baba’s Arati with my dear friends from Serbia today evening. I explained how we used to perform Shirdi Sai Arati every weekend before the Power of Purity meditation during five years that Mohanji and I spent in Muscat, Oman (2009 – 2014).

This is one of my favorite photos ever – an image taken during Shirdi Sai Arati in early 2011 when I was melting within feeling Baba’s mighty presence. I was pregnant with Mila at that time and kept surrendering all the challenges of pregnancy to him. And indeed I was protected…

Shirdi Arati 2

I had tears in my eyes when I watched a beautiful soul called Jelena from Serbia performing the same Arati today evening with baby in her womb soon to join us. It brought back the memories straight away…

Jelena, arati

I love this Arati with all my heart and that special, indescribable immense energy of Shirdi Sai Baba which totally expands me whenever I listen to it. I’ve always had special love towards Shirdi Sai Baba, especially after 2007 when I met Mohanji and started exploring within ever more intensely. Even though I come from Christian background, when I found myself in those “to be or not to be” moments of life when everything was at stake, it was Shirdi Sai Baba who came to my rescue and to whom I spontaneously prayed. There is no point in entertaining the mind and asking why not Jesus etc. It just is so…

Be it the moment of miscarriage, when Mila was saved with a small packet of Shirdi Sai vibhuti (sacred ash), or the tragic moment when Mila fell from a wall of 4,5m height onto a marble floor and I thought I lost her forever, or the time when people connected with dark energies played their games and brought me to the edge of leaving Mohanji and this beautiful spiritual path – in all these moments it was Shirdi Sai who showered his Grace upon me in most unexpected ways, changing everything for better. I wrote about these experiences in my previous blogs.

Food distribution in Shirdi, Nov 2015 - Sai orb blessing... (2)
Early morning food seva in Shirdi in 2015 – the moment of Grace and Sai’s intervention

One of the first big miracles of Shirdi Sai that I experienced was a telepathic transfer of the Power of Purity meditation from him to Mohanji way back, in late 2007. I was blessed to be present in our little apartment in Rashidia near Dubai airport when this transmission took place. Mohanji started typing something with unusual fervor and speed. It looked like blind typing, even though he used only his forefingers. More than the speed of typing, it was the energy that pervaded the room. It made me almost breathless and so incredibly calm. After this super-fast typing was done, both of us leaned forward and started reading what just ‘arrived’. It was a meditation, with detailed instructions that included the number of candles to be lit in the room before mediation is conducted, the kind of background music that is to be used, how one should sit during meditation, etc.  And when Mohanji wondered how on earth to bring people for this meditation, he soon received a message “Just be available. Relax and know that people who come for this meditation are brought by us (the Masters of the Golden Tradition).” All the elements necessary for this mediation to happen simply flowed.

Mohan contemplating, 2007.jpg
Mohanji in 2007, a contemplative moment 🙂

How the background music happened was really superb. I went to India for an initiation into a healing modality and as soon as landed back to Dubai Mohanji asked me to go to a hospital and see if I could help one of his friends whose baby Tara got prematurely born and was facing serious health problems. Upon arrival to the hospital I found the parents in tears and came to know that Tara had severe cough due to which she couldn’t sleep for the last 3 days. The moment she would lie down, the cough would start. This exhausted her completely and turned into a crisis. I placed my palms on her chest and head and immediately felt an immense pull of energy that can’t be described by no other words but Divine intervention. I felt enveloped by Divine energy which flowed in the form of most loving warmth that was gushing through my palms. After the energy transmission was over, I put baby Tara down on the bed, she slept right away like an angel and her parents cried. We hugged and rejoiced.. While chatting with them I came to know that Tara’s father composed music and was well versed with background music tones. I shared with him our requirement for The Power of Purity meditation and he immediately offered to create it for us. A British man in whose Dubai studio Mohanji used to conduct Podcast shows called “Mohan’s World” offered his studio for recording. We went there and Mohanji recorded the meditation in one go, without any rehearsal. The same happened when I recorded the POP meditation in Serbian. The perfect flow…

IN Shama's house
In Shama’s house in Shirdi – past-life connections…

The next challenge was to find the venue for meditation. Mohanji was hesitant to start conducting any meditation. He preferred to keep his spiritual experiences and insights to himself. However, he agreed with me that this arrived for the benefit of all and needs to be shared. I told him that I have no problem to look for the venue for the meditation and invite some friends. A couple of days later, a dozen of us met in the apartment of one friend in Dubai to experience this meditation. We were blown away by its intensity and beyond the body/mind limitation experience of sheer Grace. No technique or seminar can teach us such meditations. They arrive from the purest energy of the Source, with purest Grace interwoven into the words. This Grace can’t be measured, defined or bought by money. It is simply given. And we were happy to share it with purest intention, unconditionally/free of cost. It continued to grow on its own as people came forward to volunteer to translate it to different languages. This meditation continues to spread and do its ‘magic’ till date (

Mohanji Silence
The third eye that gave us so much…

If one reads the words of this meditation they are beyond beautiful, full of subtle but powerful affirmations about our Divine essence. Yet, it is important to point out that the effect of the meditation is way beyond the words or any feel-good effect of affirmations. It is literally programmed to create a field of energy that invites a downpour of Grace, and people with expanded hearts who practice the mediation invite the Masters to come in their subtle form and bless them.

Arati to Mohanji, USA, Sedona
Performing Arati to Mohanji at the end of Kriya initiation in Sedona, USA in 2017

Soon after Mohanji recorded the Power of Purity mediation we went to Kerala, India to offer the meditation CD at the feet of Shirdi Sai Baba at a temple. Swami from that temple, with whom Mohanji was close at that time, did not have any meditations and started enquiring about POP. As he was not fluent in English, he requested Mohanji to help him out and script and record a short mediation for him. Mohanji agreed straight away, went to his Pooja room and wrote it down. He named it Heart of Love. I noticed that some words and phrases were similar to that of Power of Purity, but I must admit that the special mighty effect of the Power of Purity meditation was simply not there. That’s when I understood that the special ‘ingredient’ of Power of Purity meditation simply can’t be replicated.

In the end, even a film crew came and they recorded a video for this meditation as well in which Mohanji and this Swami, plus a couple of us who happened to be there, did a bit of acting as well. A couple of months later I was approached by a Film Producer who asked me to act as a heroine in her movie Foreignchi Patlin. This was yet another ‘leela’ of Shirdi Sai, which he confirmed to me in several ways.

Arati on Foreignchi Patlin (2)
Movie fans of Foreignchi Patlin performing a welcome Arati to me – surreal…

Less than a year later, Mohanji received another meditation from Baba, which he called 360 degrees meditation. Baba told Mohanji telepathically that this meditation is only for the serious spiritual practitioners. It has long gaps during which mind fights for its supremacy and the meditator often struggles. Painful impressions from the subconscious mind (samskaras) start getting removed and sometimes actual physical pain, foal smell, etc. come and go as samskaras are leaving the system. Since then many other blessings reached us through Mohanji’s consciousness. It is late at night and end my Gurupurnima sharing here.

On this special day, I bow to all the ascended Masters, the true holders of the beacon of light of Guru principle, especially Shirdi Sai Baba who brought Mohanji into my life..

Gurupurnima 2015
Mohanji and Devi during Gurupurnima celebration in London in 2015

Yogiraj Parabrahma Sri Satguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai!

With love and gratitude,




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