The Intro Sharing

Following the inner Pathfinder back into the Light
Hello world!

I am someone who believes in experiences and experience sharing as a mode of inspiration and expression of love…

My own life experiences taught me that this is especially applicable in the matters of spirituality. This valuable lesson came my way back in 2004, during my postgraduate studies in USA, when I was at the peak of my intellectual pursuits. So, may the sharing begin! 🙂

As most blessings of life, this one too came to me unexpectedly – one day, while I was at the Notre Dame University’s gigantic library,  immersed in the urgent task of essay writing,  I took a short break  in order to answer the nature’s call. While passing the book shelves on the way to the restroom, I suddenly felt an unusual tinkling sensation coming from one of the book shelves. I paused, vividly perplexed. Curious as to where this strange, almost physical tinkle could be coming from, my hand slowly followed the source of its vibration towards the bottom of one of the book shelves. It finally landed on a book with an orange cover and rather intriguing title – “The Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahamsa Yogananda. Little did I know that this book would change my life…

After endless reading and essay writing tasks, all I needed was yet another book, but this amazing written specimen was somehow alive. It did not contain any preaching and quotations from the Holy Scriptures, but was all about spiritual experiences of a great Yogi – I literally lived and breathed its words for the next 7 days of my Spring Break (which luckily happened exactly at that time and thus allowed me the time and space to dive into this experience fully).

Mahavatar Babaji, Dr[1]. Maya and me...
Mahavatar BABAJI – The Shoulder to Lean On… (photo taken in 2006 by my dear friend Andjelka Majic, in the ashram of Devi Amma in Whitefield, India)
With this book I learned of the great ocean of inner faculties that our Creator endowed us with. I learned what it truly means to ‘master the mind’ and establish oneself at the apex of purest Truth, Love, Bliss and Surrender.

The book felt so personal, so real, especially because the image drawn on one of the pages corresponded fully to someone special that I encountered 2 years prior to that, during the most  profound mystical experience that I had till then – a conscious astral travel which simply happened to me one evening during my Undergraduate studies in Rome. It was only after I read this book that I understood this mystical experience in Rome was an astral encounter with none other but the greatest of the Yogis – the immortal Himalayan Master, Mahavatar Babaji. I allowed the goose bumps, tears, emotions, sensations of inner expansion and whatever else came, to flow as I swallowed the pages of this living book, oblivious to time and physical needs. I felt that a deep inner thirst finally started to get quenched as I started walking my spiritual path with renewed determination and surrender. The inner ‘software change’ that happened in could not be ignored.

(The free e-book version of this living book can be found at the following website: – Chapter 33 describes the amazing stature of Mahavatar Babaji)

The mind-blowing life experiences of the Masters depicted in this book gave me something new to aspire for, something truly worth it – the full flowering of our inner potential, the fulfillment of a soul’s ultimate quest – spiritual awakening and liberation! I knew it then and there that no other worldly goal could ever come close to this. Yes, I knew it right then that this is why I came to this world, this is why I survived all the obstacles of life including that of a near death experience in 2000. However, I also understood that this journey is far from easy – all our fears, inhibitions, wrong habits, confusions, mental constructs, social conditioning, notions of identity and separation, they all stand on the way. And yet, each one of us longs from deep within to somehow find our way to the ‘top of the mountain’ – that magical point in space and time at which we finally get to see it all:

the Big Picture,

the inexplicable That What Is,

the ecstatic Oneness beyond all man-made barriers,

the Love at its purest and unbearable intensity

into which none can but melt and disappear…

And after many ups and downs of life, years after this strong ‘pull from the above’ reached me through the above-mentioned magical book of experiences, I hereby feel ready to share my experiences with you, with a sole intention that somewhere, somehow, some of the experiences that you come to read about in this blog, may prove to be of value to you as you face your own inner obstacles on your journey to the ‘top of the mountain’.

Hope to see you there – the ways are many, but destination is One.

Welcome to this loving online space created for you!

Devi in light, in prayer - Photo by Hanumatananda, 2016

Nothing but love,

Devi Mohan


8 thoughts on “The Intro Sharing”

  1. biba, i am the same old friend from facebook. i had told you i stay near shantiniketan near kolkata. nice to see your blog….great going and wish you all the best for the future. i would be so glad if you call and see me whenever you come to india. god bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I enjoyed reading the ‘intro-sharing’ and ‘It just happened – Parts 1 & 2’ of your forthcoming book. You were sharing your “genuine experiences that touched my heart.” Your way of presenting it and your sincerity will touch the heart of the readers too. Wish you success.

  3. wow…. seems it’s a great experience which you had. your all explanation are make soft feelings from heart. and it’s really great honor to meet with mr. BigB. god bless you always


  4. dear sis..marathi is like a mothertongue to me as I finished my education in Maharashtra..saw the trailor..and it’s amazing to see your act and diction..Babaji’s Blessings speak volumes offering an insight in your selfless noble soul..makes my will all the more stronger that whatever has to be done must be done with utmost sincerity and devotion..Jai Gurudeva Mohanji.Hari Bol.

    1. Thank you so much dear Rajeev for these heart expanding words. Maharashtra is very dear to me as well, Shirdi especially. With love, Biba

  5. Divine benediction arranged for our meeting last week Biba. Of course to see Mohanji was a true pleasure, but it was our car ride to the Sanathana Dharma Temple that reawoke the spiritual teachings that were but mere echoes from years ago. We shall cross paths again when they, upstairs, arrange it so…

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